What is Grey Blending?

24th January 2018

Grey Blending

Grey Blending

A global study which included the UK found of those between 45 to 65 years of age, 74% had some grey hair. This is more common in men (78%) than women (71%) and for men it predominantly starts at the temples, spreads to the top of the head and then down the back. However, it can begin for men of a much younger age, even beginning in your 20’s. Often this is hereditary and due to the hair follicles no longer producing melanin which makes your hair show as grey, white or silver.

Some men prefer to let their grey locks grow and opt for the silver fox look and if that’s you, good on you there’s lots of great looking guys with grey hair. However, if you want to hold off the grey look for a few years and cover your grey hair, Aveda Men’s new Grey Blending treatment could be for you. Grey blending is a 95% naturally derived formula, customised for every shade of grey. When complete it will provide you with a natural, low maintenance and stylish look.

So how does grey blending work?

The formula is infused with a plant oil blend made up of organic sunflower, castor and jojoba. It’s customised for every shade of grey, with 5 pre-blended shades from light natural to dark ash. Unlike traditional grey hair dyes the treatment is designed for the colourist to blend away your grey hair right at the sink in only 5 minutes of processing time.

The good news is you can book your grey blending treatment with Cutters Yard today, the service only costs £30 and you can combine with any of our other barbering or grooming services.

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