Ultimate Guide: Top Tips To Maintain Your Beard

22nd March 2022

Men with facial hair may wonder how to maintain a beard and why it’s important. Fortunately, men’s beard maintenance has never been easier.

Grooming your beard can help with hair growth, maintenance, and styling. These beard grooming suggestions will show you how to use the best products and how to maintain your beard between haircuts.

Here’s all you need to know about proper beard care.


How to Maintain a Full Beard

Everyone with whiskers should know how to maintain a beard. And you shouldn’t let it grow out without ever shaping it into a flattering shape.

Trimming the beard keeps it from becoming unkempt. It ensures your beard looks good every day, especially if it matches your facial shape.

A beard trim will never slow down growth. Trimming shows that your beard has grown full enough to require coaching and pruning. This keeps your beard in check and you looking good. Convinced? 

Here’s how to maintain a beard.


How to trim your beard:

Here’s how to trim your beard. Do this general regime to your beard regularly. We recommend once every 7-10 days to maintain your desired length.

Man trimming beard

1. Wash and dry your beard

Start with a clean slate.

2. Brush it out

Use a beard brush to comb your beard against the grain so the hairs stand up and out.

3. Use scissors and clippers

Either spot-check or trim the strays. (Start with a larger guard to avoid cutting things too short.)

4. Trim the moustache

A shorter guard over your upper lip would do, but your nose will prevent anything longer. Instead, comb all hairs down over the upper lip and snip everything that covers it using bare clippers or moustache scissors.

5. Comb it back into position

Now comb everything back into place to resemble your beard.

6. Spot-check again

Snip any stray hairs.

7. Rinse

Wash away the cuttings.

8. Retouch

Style your beard after drying it once more with your product (a balm, oil, or conditioner). You can now see the result.

9. Snip any remaining stray hairs

You may notice one or two remaining stray hairs. Snip them with your facial hair scissors, and you’re done.


How to maintain a stubble beard

Stubble is in a facial hair grey area. Mistakes result in “too lazy to shave” look  rather than John Hamm. Like a buzz cut or crew cut, a 5 o’clock shadow is a beard style.

Man shaving stubble beard

Here’s how to maintain a beard stubble look:


1. Pick your tool

You might opt for an electric shaver or a beard trimmer. It depends on how fast your stubble grows and how much it covers your face in the morning. It also works well on the neckline and cheeks in the morning—more on that later.

If your hair is thin and you like your stubble close to the skin, a beard trimmer will come in handy. They come in a variety of lengths, some up to 20. If you don’t plan to trim every day or every few days, this is the blade you want.

2. Know your ideal length

You know how quickly your whiskers grow and how often you shave. Next, decide on your preferred stubble length: do you prefer sandpaper stubble, or do you prefer it to fill in more?

With your growth rate and density in mind, this appropriate length will help you choose between trimmer and shaver. 

3. Be creative

Nobody said you had to keep a uniform stubble length all over your face. A thicker moustache (5-6 days of stubble) looks phenomenal when matched with a 5 o’clock shadow beard.

Men with a shorter moustache and a centimetre around the chin look sharp. These different lengths draw attention to or away from certain features.

4. Mind the sides

Keep the cheeks and necklines clean. This is the difference between intentional stubble and lazy grooming, or lack thereof. Because your whiskers don’t grow in a neat row above your Adam’s apple, a clean neckline shows off the difference between your two-day whiskers and your bare skin. 

This will also form your whiskers like a beard (or a jawline). For this, use an electric shaver, the naked guard on your trimmer, or a regular razor to tidy up the scraggly parts at the bottom of your neck.

Also, check your cheeks for any strays.

5. Feed the beard

Beard oils and moisturisers will keep your skin happy and your whiskers smooth.

Speaking of soft whiskers, the longer they are, the less likely they are to irritate others—if you catch our drift. This is because medium-length scruff has started to curl back towards the skin, causing it to scratch more. You can’t have it all, but oils and moisturisers help.


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Now you know how to maintain a beard, why not allow us to take your face-fuzz to the next level – whether you’re wanting to rock the suave stubble or full-on Viking look.

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