Top 3 Styles for Summer

12th July 2017

With summer firmly underway and no doubt holiday plans aplenty you’ll be looking to find that ideal style to both keep you cool but also looking your sharpest in the sunshine. Here are 3 styles for summer you should consider, ask our barbers to suggest what would suit your hair type best or go ahead and choose your favourite pick.

Skin Fade and Slick Back

Get a tight skin fade to keep cool during the warm summer months, by keeping some length on top you can slick back giving a stylish modern look suitable for work or play.

Textured Crop

Add some texture to your hair with a tapered look, ideal for the messy beach hair look or equally can be styled for a relaxing professional look in the workplace.

Faded Wave

Add some wave on top for the surfer look and add a fade to accentuate the style. Heat and humidity can naturally bring out the curl in your hair, this style embraces it rather than fighting it.

For further information on any of these styles or more suggestions give us experience barbers a call and we’ll be happy to help – 0207 261 9090.