Timeless Barber Shop Haircuts

7th September 2018

Some of us are trend setters, ahead of the times and embarking on adventures of the new and modern styles that are ready for take off. Other men are timeless classics, a collaboration of unaging style and everlasting vogue. Here we have listed out top men’s a hairstyles that are always in fashion.


the buzz cut - an evergreen hairstyle

The Buzz Cut

The ultimate timeless classic of men’s hairstyles is the Buzz Cut. Men from Christian Bale to Ryan Gosling have taken on this do and shown us all exactly how little hair you need when you’ve got a face that’s been blessed with symmetry. To achieve this buzzy style a barber uses clippers all over with clippered sides, with a touch of length left on top. Barbers should opt for scissors over comb techniques rather than exclusively clippers so they can work with the shape of the head and cut the style to a more flattering look.


Note: This style is better suited to those of us with a square jaw line and symmetrical faces.



textured sweep haircut

The Textured Sweep

Your hair needs a bit of length on it before you can embark on this long standing hairstyle, but it’s well worth the growth. This style popular style that is usually embarked upon by younger men at some point, possibly because it’s a look that works with thicker hair. This look is something to consider if you have double crowns of cow licks, as the textured look allows your hair to lie whichever way it wishes too. If you go to your barber and request this cut and see them having a jolly old time with the thinning scissors then pipe up and let them know that you don’t want too much chopped around the top as this can result in whispy ends and bulky roots, which is generally not considered the best look.


Note: This hairstyle isn’t best for those who are receding in the hairline department.


french crop

The French Crop

This style suits most male faces and can be especially useful for a man who’s starting to go thinner on top and is looking for a low maintenance style that’s easy to manage. The hair gets taken slightly forward leaving a touch of length in the fringe, helping to cover and receding patches that you might not be a fan of. You can wear it without any styling products and just let it fall naturally into shape. If you want to try and mess about with it then add a touch of hairspray, but in general this is a timeless barbershop haircut.


Note: To keep on top of this style it’s a good idea to get it trimmed every three weeks or so.




side parting hairstyle

The Side Parting

This look has yet to go out of style and it looks like it’s planning on staying as one of the longstanding mens haircuts of all time. A versatile and suave style, this cut can be messed up or combed  down, making you look the part for any occasion. This looks requires some length to be grown before it can be chopped, so if this is the style you’re opting for then be patient and grow that mop on top for a while so that your barber has more to work with. We recommend you keep styling products to minimum with this cut as it tends to look stronger when it has a bit of life to it with a natural edge.


Note: This style depends on your hair and it’s texture, e.g. curly hair wouldn’t work as well with this style.



the quiff hairstyle

The Quiff

A rougher slicked back style, this cut is a favourite with men of all head shapes and jaw sizes. Before you dive into this cut, decide (with the help of your barber) whether you want to take on the modern styled quiff, with clippered backs and sides, or if you’d suit more of a classic quiff that features softer backs and sides that are kept short. This style requires a bit more effort so is not for the styling-fainthearted. Hairspray is your best friend with this style and is key to keeping the quiff in check.


Note: It’s best to to avoid sides and back that are too short if you have a longer shaped face.