The Peaky Blinder Haircut: What to Ask For

22nd March 2022

Peaky Blinders is truly a gift that keeps on giving. From the stellar performances making us feel as though we’ve been transported back in time, to the sharp sartorial attire and iconic haircuts, the show is bursting at the seams with inspiration for the fashion conscious gents out there. 

The popular crime drama sparked a resurgence of the sharp 1920s undercut, with an array of guys opting for one of the many variations of the historical hairstyle, adding their own twists to make it a popular modern day mens hair cut.

As we eagerly await the much anticipated new season, we have compiled everything you need to know about getting yourself a “Peaky” haircut.


First things first, what is a Peaky Blinder haircut?

It’s actually quite simple, the most popular Peaky Blinders haircuts encompass a variation of an undercut, sported by the likes of actors Cillian Murphy (Thomas Shelby), Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby) and Joe Cole (John Shelby seasons 1-4). Each characters’ hair is shaved on the back and sides, with different signature styles for the hair on top.

But why do the Peaky Blinders have that haircut? Although the under-cut has become hugely popular for aesthetic reasons, historically, men would opt for this type of cut for more practical reasons. Having shorter hair was in fact a matter of hygiene, as it helped to stop the spread of lice. 

Aside from depicting the post-war era, hair and makeup designer for the Peaky Blinders, Laura Schiavo, says that she also chose this style to make the guys less identifiable when wearing their hats, which would serve them well when carrying out their criminal activities. 


How to Get a Real Life Peaky Blinder Haircut

The Peaky Blinders haircut is very versatile, the sharp under-cut is the main element that makes the style what it is, it’s then what you do with the hair on top that makes the real difference.


Thomas Shelby aka the Textured French Crop

Thomas Shelby’s textured French crop is short on the back and sides, with long hair on top. For his slightly tousled style, you’ll want to keep this fairly long so that it can be brought to the front and swept to one side. 

Experimenting with different proportions and texture will help you to tailor the look to best suit your face shape. 

Products such as a pomade, clay or matte styling paste are great for adding texture to your hair.

Image Credit – Pinterest


Arthur Shelby aka the Slicked Back Undercut

Arthur Shelby rocks a more striking disconnected undercut, where the back and sides are completely shaved, with long slicked back hair on top.

This style works best for straight, fine hair that can be easily swept back. To recreate this look, try using a hairdryer and brush to blow-dry the hair from the roots towards the back of the head.

Use a pomade with high shine, wax or hairspray to hold the hair place for a sleek finished look.

Image Credit – Pinterest


John Shelby aka the Short Crop

Much like his older brother, Arthur, John also has a disconnected undercut, however, with a more low maintenance finish. 

To recreate John’s cut you’ll need to shave the hair on the back and sides right down with just a bit of hair remaining, but unlike Arthur, the hair on top will be a short crop, making it easier to style. 

The hair needs to be just long enough that it can be styled to the side, but short enough that it can stay in place without a lot of product.

A small amount of wax or pomade can be used to help keep the hair in place.

Image Credit – Pinterest


Isaiah Jesus aka the Short Tapered Curls

You guessed it, along with the other Peaky Blinder men, Isaiah Jesus also wears his own variation of an undercut, however, his is contrasted with his textured curls on top.

Isaiah’s Peaky Blinder haircut works well for curly, coily and kinky hair, the key is keeping the hair moisturised and shaping up the hairline for a sharp finish.

Use products such as the Aveda Be Curly™ Curl Enhancing Hair Spray, a Flexible hold hair spray that intensifies and locks in curls with all-day frizz control.

Now you know how to cut the Peaky Blinders haircut, all you have to do is decide which one you’re going to go for!


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