The Mans Guide To Pomade

12th July 2019

Pomade has exploded onto the mens hair scene in the last 5-10 years, yet many guys are still unfamiliar with how to use pomade to its best effect. Back in the 00s the three main styling choices were Gel, Wax & Clay – yet todays men are preferring to choose specialist hair products which suit their hair length & style at that moment in time. This blog is our complete guide to pomade, which covers the hairstyles that suit pomade & the tricks of the trade we use when applying this product.

Mens Pomade Explained

Pomade is often a wax or water-based product that works similar to hair gel, without some of the unwanted side effects. It’s a soft gel-like substance which like most products comes in a wide range of available shines & holds. When using pomade for the first time, you’ll notice that it’s incredibly easy to work into hair and it retains its moisture really well throughout the day. This makes it the perfect product for slicked back & wet looks. Unlike many supermarket gels, men’s pomade contains zero alcohol which helps it to retain moisture & prevents your hair ‘hardening’ as the alcohol dries out everything from root to tip.

The Mens Hairstyles That Suit Pomade

So now we have explained men’s pomade, you’ll probably be wondering what are the cuts that suit this product down to a tee. Well the good news is there are a ton, here are some of the standout hairstyles that suit pomade:

Undercut Comb-Over – pomade is great for running a comb through. This style consists of short back & sides, with volume on top. Apply the pomade and comb hair back and slightly to the side, for a timeless clean-cut look that simply looks the business. It’s a style which requires minimal upkeep, no hairdryer & you can be good to go in minutes.

The Pompadour – another style which has been around since the 50s – think Elvis. This style works better for slightly longer hair and creates an eye-popping elevated look, as the top section of hair is blow-dried high & back. The fringe should be left slightly longer and appear slightly more elevated, to complete the look. The last thing you want with this style is fringe hair drooping down (unless your Alex Turner), so you’ll want a pomade with a strong hold.

The Faux Hawk – similar to a mohawk, but more laidback. Leave the back & sides unshaved but trimmed & leave more on top. Modern faux hawks are perfect for those who like a choppy & textured look to their hair. The main body of hair is still swept back away from the face, but it’s more natural looking than rigid straight lines. Not overdoing it on the pomade & opting for low-shine should do the trick.

How To Use Pomade

The great thing about pomade is it’s incredible easy to use. The majority of hairstyles that suit pomade are wet look styles, therefore applying pomade when your hair is still damp is key. This means towel drying your hair before application & only using the hairdryer on trickier styles that need locking in place. The amount of pomade to use will ultimately depend on your style, but a good rule is to start with about a teaspoon of product & see how you get on. When applying, expert craftsmen should always start at the roots first before fully working the pomade through your hair and to the tip. This gives you much greater control & ensures even application.

Once applied your ready to style to in a way that suits you. Don’t be afraid to grab a comb for a more dapper slick backed look & make sure your happy with the way it’s styled before hitting the street – as it is one of those products which is harder to restyle on the move. We hope you enjoyed our complete guide to mens pomade & feel free to ask our barbers next time you are in Cutters Yard.