Our Top Tips on How to Style Your Beard

1st February 2021

Whether you like to be cleanly shaven, a light stubble beard, chinstrap or even a Van Dyke, there are no specific rules on how to style your beard. But the basics of trimming your beard consistently, knowing about your beard’s neckline and cheek line, is crucial to know if you want your beard to be looking sharp.

If you want a simple but effective method to style your beard so that it looks neat and shaped, you have come to the right place. Here are some of our best tips on how to style and maintain your beard’s shape.

Keep your beard trimmed

As mentioned in our blog about our tips for looking after your beard, regularly trimming your beard is the key to keep it looking neat and defined. 

Generally, beard hair grows at different rates across the face. So, some patches are going to be longer than others which can make your beard look scruffy. This is why it’s important to regularly trim your beard back every so often using the same length the whole way round. 

Regular beard trimming can help make your jawline more prominent. So, if your jawline isn’t well-pronounced, you should trim your beard frequently and choose a style that contours around your chin – creating a prominent look. If you’d prefer to leave this to the professionals then our beard perfection service can help you achieve the perfect look.

Before you start trimming, you need to know the boundaries of your facial hair. This mostly comes down to preference and style, so ask yourself the following questions: How high do I want it to go on my face? Do I want the beard to stop around my neckline? These are the two main areas of concern. 

Trimming the neckline

The best looking beards have a well maintained and shaped neckline. Giving your beard a border will make it look more prominent and tidy, here’s how to do it.

For a rounded neckline, you need to draw a “U” with your razor or shaver from behind each ear, behind the jawbone, and down to a point on your neck. Normally this point is just above the Adam’s apple, this is where the base of the “U” lands.

Everything below this “U” that you have created should be shaven or trimmed, cutting off any stray hairs on the neck. After you’ve done these steps, your neckline should be looking neatly trimmed.

Trimming the cheek lines

Everyone has different cheekbones, some have higher and some have lower. But it’s a great indicator of where the beard should stop.

The process is quite similar to the neckline “U” shape technique. Depending on your preference, you can usually carve out a “U” shape from your sideburns to your upper lip just below your cheekbones. You can then shave off any excess hair around your cheekbones.

Trimming your beard just below your cheekbones makes them more prominent and makes your beard look sharp.

Use a comb

If you have a long beard, it can easily become tangled during the day, so make sure you are consistently using a comb to untangle your beard to keep it looking as neat as possible.

Avoid using a regular comb for your beard. These cheap combs are usually made with a lot of microscopic jagged edges which can be harmful to your beard as they tear through hair follicles.

Always use combs that are specifically designed for beards. Beard and head hairs are different, in the sense that beard hairs are much coarser and that’s why you need a comb whose teeth won’t bend.

Men’s beard care at Cutter’s Yard

If you need some assistance with your beard, we are pleased to offer our beard perfection service. We use intricate barbering techniques to give you the beard style that you desire.

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