Men’s Shaving Tips for Sensitive Skin

31st August 2021

If you often fall victim to redness, irritation, razor burn and breakouts after every shave, there is a high chance you have sensitive skin. But don’t worry, you just need to take extra care when doing your next shave.

At Cutters Yard, we are experts in the world of men’s grooming, so here are our top shaving tips for men with sensitive skin.

Prep your face

It’s always a good idea to prep your face just before a shave to soften the hairs. Razors also glide much better when your face is still moist, which is why it’s always a good idea to shave right after your shower.

Wet shaving can give a far smoother finish than dry shaving, so use plenty of shaving cream to create a lather each time you shave. This will protect the skin from any form of irritation during the shave.

Use fresh blades

As we said in our previous blog on wet shaving mistakes you should avoid, most cuts from shaving are caused by dull and blunt blades. It’s crucial to always check yours before using them on your face. 

Giving your razor a wash under hot water will get rid of any harmful bacteria that you could be spreading on your face.

Shave with and against the grain

For a closer shave, it’s recommended that you shave against the direction that your facial hair grows, as the razor can reach below the hair follicle. However, this may be risking irritation of your skin.

In order to gauge how close you can shave, try alternating your technique from shaving with the grain of your hairs to shaving against the grain. This way you will figure out the best shaving technique for your skin.

Rinse blade regularly

Rinsing your blade after every few strokes will get rid of any excess shaving cream that’s building up, as well as excess oil and bacteria from your face. This can also help to keep your skin nice and moist for the best possible wet shave.

Wash excess shaving cream with cold water

After shaving, make sure to rinse off any excess shaving cream from your face. When you do this, use cold water. This will help close your pores and reduce inflammation caused by shaving. This also helps to prep the skin for any aftershave you put on post-shaving.

Use non-irritative aftershave

The key to avoiding irritation on sensitive skin is to use high-quality products that help moisturise and soothe your skin. These should be incorporated into your post-shave routine.

We recommend using Aveda’s men pure-formance™ dual-action aftershave. This aftershave works to calm your skin after a close shave and 97% of its ingredients are naturally derived, meaning no harsh chemicals which can damage your sensitive skin.

Wet Shave at Cutters Yard 

If you want to leave it up to professionals, our team at Cutters Yard only uses the best products and shaving equipment to deliver an excellent wet shave to suit your needs.

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