Top Men’s Hair Trends 2021

26th February 2021

With the strict lockdowns imposed on hair barbers during 2020 and part of this year, we have been forced to manage the styling of our own hair.

However, the promising prospect of hairdressers up and down the country opening up for good in April has prompted us to explore different hairstyle options.

To help you hear about the different options available, here is a list of all the top men’s hair trends to look out for in 2021. 


This haircut has roots way back in the 1980s. The modern version consists of short (or shaved if that’s your cup of tea) sides and long hair on top that extends down the back of the neck.

The unique point of this hairstyle is the long strands of hair protruding from the back of the neck, this trademark feature makes the mullet such a distinctive haircut. This haircut is ideal for people with long thick hair. Check out more hairstyles for thick hair here.

This renaissance has been rocked by various athletes and actors in recent years bringing it back into popular culture. It’s perfect for people with already long hair looking for something new in 2021.

Low fade

The skin fade has been the main hairstyle of choice for many youngsters nowadays, with razor-sharp edges usually reaching high up on the sides and back of the head and a long clump of hair on top gives the hairstyle a prominent look.

For something new, consider a low fade instead. The hair is shaved just above the ears and gives the hair more room to grow. This has all the hallmarks of a normal fade but gives you much more hair to work with keeping the hairstyle truly stylish.

Caesar cut

This hair cut has its roots dating back to 100BC when Roman statesman Julius Caesar rocked this hairstyle to (apparently) hide his thinning hair on the top of his head and his receding hairline. Not many haircut trends can date back so far.

The classic caesar cut consists of a neat even length on the top, back and sides, with the fringe worn messy but short. Similar to a French Crop, this hairstyle can be worn with all types of hair; straight, wavy, thick or thin. 

As Caesar himself intent, it is the perfect haircut for a thinning top! Check out more haircuts for thin hair here.


Who says the man-bun has gone out of style? The 2008 trend of having your hair knotted up into a bun and having the sizes shaven has actually been around longer than you think – 2000 years at least. It turns out man-buns were all the rage for the samurai warriors in Edo-period Japan. The hair cut served a more practical purpose, however, apparently keeping the warrior’s helmets in place.

The man-bun consists of a small ponytail or bun of long hair on the top of the head bundled together somewhere on the crown of the head. Although there are many different styles, people usually like to have the hair on the sides shaven or faded, making the ‘top-knot’ more prominent.


The Pompadour is a stylish hairstyle great if you have thick long hair. It was first made popular in the 1950s when the likes of Elvis Presley, Johnny Burnette and other rock & roll artists would wear this look. It seems like just as the mullet, the pompadour has made a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

The original cut has the long part of the hair swept up and back over the head, the sides are usually cut to around a level 2 length and kept close to the head, whilst the long hair at the front is rolled back and made into a neat quiff. This hairstyle exudes class and confidence.

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