Top Tips for Men’s Summer Skincare

30th June 2021

As the days get longer and hotter, our skin becomes more vulnerable than ever to external aggressors. 

To make sure that your skin stays healthy, you will need to find the right products and the right regimen for your skin type.

So, to give you a little bit of professional advice, here are our top skincare tips for men during the summer months.

Protect your skin against harmful UV rays

People with more exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun have a greater chance of developing skin cancer. So that’s why it’s important to have a layer of protection on your skin in the summer months.

Applying SPF sun cream on your skin on days of dangerously high UV rays can help cut down on the risk of skin cancer. Plus, applying sun cream regularly can even prevent signs of ageing such as wrinkles as well as skin sagging.

We recommend using Aveda’s daily light guard™ defense spf 30 to help defend your skin’s natural beauty with sheer, weightless, UVA/UVB defence against environmental aggressors that damage skin’s appearance.

Avoid washing your face too much

Just like we described in our ‘Five best hair care tips for men’ blog previously, washing the hair with shampoo too frequently can cause your hair to become dry and break easily. The same is true about our skin.

Most soaps contain ingredients that can be harmful to your skin if you overuse them. Just like shampoo, the average supermarket body soap strips the body and face of essential oils that are good for keeping your skin moist and healthy, which can cause breakouts of acne and blotches of dry skin.

We recommend using dermatologically tested facial cleansing products that preserve the natural oils on your face, rather than stripping them and wearing your skin down.

Take care of your skin whilst shaving

Shaving should be carried out with the most care possible. One slip up, and you can cause cuts and sores on your face which can easily get infected when exposed to the harmful elements of the outside world.

We recommend using dermatologist-tested shaving cream to prep your skin for a close and comfortable shave. Aveda’s pure-formance™ shave cream helps prevent any skin irritation from the razor or shaver, using organic products.

And then after the shave, using the right aftershave can help prevent any itching, swelling or skin damage from forming and leaving your skin looking blotchy and dry. We recommend using Aveda’s pure-formance™ dual action aftershave, which acts as a moisturizer as well as an aftershave to instantly soothe freshly shaved skin.

Have a skincare routine

Men and women’s skin is different, therefore the skincare routine for each should be different. Men’s skincare usually doesn’t need many products, but the ones that you use should be organic and not damaging to the skins outer layer.

In general, men’s skin is thicker, oilier and ages differently. Therefore, you need organic products in your routine that is specific to oily skin. We recommend Aveda’s Botanical purifying gel cleanser. This product is plant-based and cleanses the skin from excess oil and debris from the skin’s surface.

Some skincare problems can’t be solved with products, however. For example, dark circles under the eyes are common for men who don’t have a great diet and sleep too little, so making sure that your overall well-being is good, your skin will start to reap the benefits.

Men’s Grooming Treatments at Cutter’s Yard

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As well as our barbering services, we are also pleased to offer a range of grooming treatments including our Deluxe Clinique & Lab Series Facial which is tailored to your skin type and targets your needs. 

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