Expert Tips: How To Maintain A Moustache

5th May 2022

They don’t just appear. A superb ‘tache is shaped and trimmed. Maintaining a moustache properly will help prevent it from turning into a walrus-like growth on your top lip (unless that is the aim).

To groom your facial hair to perfection, we’ve got the technique and tools you’ll need so you know how to maintain a moustache.


How to maintain a moustache: trimming


  1. Have a goal in mind 

What you want dictates how you cut a moustache. Are you just keeping your current ‘tache? Do you want it fuller? Longer? Wider in some areas? Is it still developing and requires guidance and styling? All of this will influence how you go ahead through the steps.


  1. Wash and comb

Whatever trimming you do, start with a clean washed and dried canvas. So, wash your face first, then dry it with a towel. If the moustache is long enough, comb it to make the hairs lay flat and untangled. Then let it dry for a few minutes—dry hair is best for trimming.

Man maintaining moustache by washing
  1. Remove bulk

Take a beard trimmer with a guard of your choice and memorise the best length for your moustache. Then you can focus on the finer features or any perimeter trimmings. No trimmer? No problem: use a comb to lift the hairs and clip them to a uniform length.


  1. Remove length

Comb all hairs downwards: this shows you where to trim—like everything that hangs over the lip. Then, using your scissors or trimmer, snip away at the hairs until you reach your mark. For symmetry, work from the outside in towards the centre, then switch direction.


  1. Clean up the edges

Make neat lines around the edge of your moustache, particularly just under the nose, with any trimmer’s detailing head or naked T-blade You may need to clean up the edge a few times a week to keep up with the stubble.

Man maintaining moustache by cleaning edges
  1. Take it slow

A simple slip of the hand can wreak havoc on your moustache and might even require you to start from a clean-shaven face. The horror!


Our top tips for maintaining a moustache


  1. Wash Your Moustache on the Regular

A clean moustache is a happy moustache. To maintain your moustache health, wash it often. Regular washing removes dust, dead skin, and other debris such as food and drinks particles.

Remember that your facial hair and the skin surrounding it are different from those on your head. Always use facial hair care products. Use a beard shampoo once or twice a week. Washing your ‘tache too often can cause curling, irritation, and split ends.


  • Wet your facial hair with warm water.
  • Massage a generous amount of beard shampoo into your facial hair.
  • Rinse your moustache with warm water after lathering.
  • Pat it dry gently with a towel to avoid damaging your hair.


Beard conditioners and beard masks can add moisture to your facial hair upkeep routine.


  1. Train Your Moustache with a Beard Brush

A beard brush can help condition facial hair. Use a beard brush to sweep away dust and dirt while training your hair to grow in the right direction.

Brushing your whiskers is an important part of moustache care. It keeps your hair tame, helps curl your hair, and distributes your skin’s natural oils and/or grooming products (such as beard oil).

Brushing your facial hair should be a daily habit, either before or after a shower. Remind yourself not to over-brush or use the wrong brush. Using a natural hairbrush can also help avoid static build-up.

Brush your facial hair upwards, starting with the hairs below. This will help remove dirt and debris from your moustache and beard and provide volume. Finish by brushing downward on the surface of your beard to direct your hairs.



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  1. Use Beard Oil

Beard oils are a necessity in your regular facial hair care routine. It is a supplement to your skin’s natural oils. It hydrates both the skin and facial hair.


Beard oil has several benefits:

  • Keeps your facial hair looking fuller
  • Keeps your facial hair soft
  • It helps promote hair growth
  • Helps tame your beard and moustache


The musky, scented versions like sandalwood keep you smelling fantastic.

Applying beard oil after a shower traps extra moisture from the air into the hair follicle, improving local hydration. Distribute a few drops of oil to your palms and evenly apply to your beard and moustache.

If you have a thick and long beard, use more product. It all depends on your preferences. Apply the beard oil every other day, or daily if your climate is dry. Try it out and see what works for you.

Also, use natural products wherever possible. The more chemicals you use on your face, the more likely it is to irritate.

To learn more about which products to use, check out our favourite men’s grooming products.


Maintaining Your Moustache at Cutters Yard

Now that you know how to maintain a moustache, your facial hair will stay perfectly groomed between your trims. However, if you want to make things even easier for yourself, let us take care of your barbering and grooming needs.

Book here and allow one of our men’s grooming and barber specialists to fix up your moustache so you look and feel like a new man.