How to Look After Men’s Hair

16th June 2017

Your hair goes through a lot, with your normal wash routine, styling with various products and facing the outdoors through the wind and rain. With all that activity you’ll want to make sure you protect your hair so it stays plentiful and looking its best for many years to come.

Washing Men’s Hair

A good starting point for washing your hair should be 2-3 times per week. This will of course vary from person to person but almost nobody should be washing their hair every day. This is because you need to build up the natural oils which are good for your hair and can take a day or so to do so. However, an exception is if you use a lot of product you should wash this out regularly as it will clog the pores, but we’ll come to product later and how you can avoid overuse.

Conditioning Men’s Hair

Conditioner is like a moisturiser and adds helps sooth the scalp from the drying of the shampoo wash. You can condition both after a shampoo wash or even by itself as it won’t cause you any harm, only good. Again, the exception is if you have overly fine hair, you should just use shampoo and avoid conditioner or use it only on rare occasions.

Drying Men’s Hair

For the shorter styles, you won’t need to blow dry your hair. However, if you have thinner hair a blow dry can add the look of thickness and for longer or medium styles a blow dry can help set your style or add body and volume. Of course, blow drying will dry your hair out so if not necessary you’re probably better off either towel or air drying.

Styling Men’s Hair

When using product, less is more. Start with less product than you think is enough and try styling your hair, if you need a little then add to it but at least you won’t over use your product. Whether wax, gel, clays or sprays it’s all about what you like and feel comfortable with. Just try and avoid products with alcohol as they will dry your hair out, and make sure to wash product out regularly.

For more details on men’s hair care and protection pop by and we’ll be happy to advise on specific suggestions for your hair type and style.