How to Get Wavy Hair Men

1st December 2021

Texture is a great look to have in your arsenal when it comes to styling men’s hair. Textured hairstyles like the crop fade and texture styling are in right now.

Why? Any man’s hairdo benefits from texture since it provides volume, form, and dimension. Here’s how to get wavy hair for men if you want to take the textured style to the next level.

We know that lots of guys are wondering, ‘How to make my men’s hair wavy?’ so we put together this guide to show you how to make straight hair wavy and get that look you want to rock.

Apply Hair Products

Wavy hair occurs naturally for certain people, but for the rest, it can be created with the use of a few quality products. The aim is to not just boost texture, but also to keep it. Without using heat, here’s how to get wavy hair for men.

When you’re fresh out of the shower, gently towel dry your hair. Work the product through your hair with your fingers while it’s still damp. Allow your hair to air dry after styling it into place. That’s all there is to it. The key is the cream that makes straight hair wavy.

Salt Spray – You can’t think about surfer hair without wavy hair. A salt spray can get the same appearance at home. To counteract the drying impact of salt, some sea salt sprays include conditioners or oils. Look for one of these if your hair is prone to dryness. Otherwise, don’t forget to use a conditioner.

Allow it to air dry after working it through moist hair. Scrunching the hair with your fingers can enhance the wave pattern.

Mousse – Another product that can be used alone or in combination with other hair products is mousse. It can also volumize, thicken and enhance the texture of hair.

Mousse is a light foam that is simple to work into the hair. Look for a product that says something along the lines of ‘curl boosting’ or ‘curl defining’. Apply it to your hair and let it air dry.

Both mousse and salt spray can produce waves using a blow dryer. Read on to learn how to utilise heat styling to get your hair wavy.

Blow Dry

Turn up the heat for super-straight hair or longer-lasting waves. This way involves the use of both products and styling. Hair is fixed in place by heated styling, so twist hair to make waves using a blow dryer.

To begin, add a pre-styler to damp hair, such as a heat protectant, salt spray, or mousse. Comb your preferred pre-styler through your hair until it’s evenly spread.

Then you’ll need a product with a little more grip, like a hair cream or light pomade that’s still strong enough to alter your hair’s shape. Work it into your hair. You can style it more by adding a parting and/or combing hair into place.

Now is the time to start making that wave. Twist your hair all over. These sections are held in place by the product, while hot airlocks in the form to generate waves and volume.

It’s finally time to blow dry your hair. Use the diffuser attachment if you have one as it blows air out evenly to enhance curl and reduce frizz. Keep the blow dryer further away than normal if you don’t have one.

Scrunch the twists gently while blow-drying, and continue until your hair is totally dry. Set hair in place with hair or salt spray after pushing it into place with your fingertips.


This method is the simplest way to make your hair wavy, but it can only be used for the longest hair. It can also be used on medium-length hair.

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Apply a salt spray or curl cream to damp hair, braid it, and air dry it. You can do this overnight or whenever you want your hair to look wavy.

Hair can be braided in a ponytail for guys with really long hair. Braid all of your hair at once or lightly braid areas of hair for looser waves.

Some medium-length hairstyles can be braided into a single large section or plaited several times around the head to catch as much hair as possible. Hair can then be styled with its new texture or left down.


The product technique is excellent for hair with some natural waves and shorter haircuts. The blow-dry method is on point for hair that’s very straight. To make your medium or long hair wavy, braids are the way to go.

And that’s how to make straight hair wavy for men. Applying the best product, twisting hair while blow-drying, or braiding is all it takes. In no time, you’ll have surfer hair or a high-volume style.

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