Here’s How To Get The Tom Holland Haircut

6th April 2022

When you’re looking for haircut inspiration, it’s only natural to turn to celebrities. After all, they have entire teams dedicated to keeping their hair immaculately groomed and on-trend.

A celebrity who has an assortment of men’s hairstyles under his belt is none other than Tom Holland. From Spidermand to his shoots for global magazines, Tom Holland’s haircuts are always polished no matter where he goes.

We’ve broken down Tom Holland’s best trims, and how to ask your barber for his haircuts.


Tom Holland haircuts to try


Tom Holland’s new haircut: Ask your barber for this…

Tom Holland’s new haircut features his natural waves for added texture along with rounded layers throughout. It is certainly on the longer side compared to his typical haircuts, however mid-length hair like this gives off an easy-going vibe.

Keeping the length around the perimeter of the face will add a softness to your features whilst enhancing your jaw structure, as reflected in Tom’s photo below.

From man buns to swept back looks, there are many styling options achievable with this length. Tom has kept his hair unstyled, but it is likely that his styling team have added a mousse or paste for extra volume.

Ask your barber for mid-length, rounded layers to achieve Tom Holland’s new haircut.



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Tom Holland haircuts: Other haircuts to ask your barber for 


    • Tom Holland’s mid-length haircut in Spiderman

If you know Tom for his big role as Peter Parker, you’ll no doubt be familiar with his textured, mid-length cut. Unlike his new haircut, the length is focused at the top of the head with a shorter back and sides. This creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Again, if you prefer a laid-back style, this could be for you. You can choose to keep a bit of length on the sides like Tom has, or add a fade to further highlight your face structure.

In terms of styling products, you will need something light that also holds the natural movement of the hair. We recommend the Aveda Pure-Formance Liquid Pomade.

Ask your barber for short back and sides with texture and length on top.



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  • Tom Holland’s buzz cut haircut in Cherry

With your first glance at the photo below, you may not even recognise Tom.

A buzz cut can certainly make a statement like this. Clippers are used to trim your hair down to a grade 1 or 2, however if you want a longer buzz cut then you can try a grade 3 or 4, however this then becomes known as a butch cut.

The light texture of this trim will amplify square jawlines, whilst creating the illusion of straight, sharp cheekbones. As you can see, Tom’s facial features appear bolder and more defined with this haircut.

Simply ask your barber for a grade 1-2 buzz cut to achieve this look.



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  • Tom Holland’s wavy undercut haircut for Vogue

This next haircut will make you look nothing short of a Hollywood superstar (although the suit and LA background are not included with this trim).

Tom demonstrates how an undercut can look polished and put-together, yet entirely effortless. Since the longer hair on top spills over onto the short back and sides, it makes the hair appear much thicker and fuller than it really is.

As you can see, Tom pairs his undercut with a comb-over for a timeless look. You could also add a fade on the back and sides if you prefer a shorter hairstyle.

Ask your barber for an undercut with a comb-over for this exact look.



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  • Tom Holland’s textured fringe haircut in Cherry

Moving from Hollywood celebrity to your more everyday, casual vibe, Tom Holland’s haircut in Cherry is a great way to achieve a relaxed look.

His hair has been combed forward and cut into a textured fringe at the front. The rest of the hair is slightly shorter on the back and sides, but changes in length are minimal. A fringe is a great way to shift focus from your forehead to your lower face.

Ask your barber for a front fringe with lots of texture. You can add a fade or shorter sides, too.



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  • Tom Holland’s comb-over haircut for the Spiderman premiere 

If you’re in need of a smart haircut for work, or perhaps have an occasion coming up, this structured comb-over style is ideal.

The key here is down to the sectioning; having a thick front piece creates that fullness that really elevates your look. The rest of the hair has a slight texture to create volume, but ultimately appears smooth against the head.

To keep this style in place and add some extra shine like Tom, we recommend the Aveda Pure-Formance Pomade.

Ask your barber for a comb-over haircut to achieve the same look as Tom.



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  • Tom Holland’s slicked-back haircut for the Lost City of Oz premiere 

Keeping to the structured haircuts, this slicked-back style is exceptionally smart, classy  and quite frankly dapper. Here, the hair is kept longer on top and is swept backwards in one direction.

You’ll notice that Tom’s hair is not glued flat to his head. It has been cleverly lifted by the stylist, which creates the appearance of thicker hair whilst adding symmetry to the face.

To keep this style in place, we recommend a strong hair gel to ensure that no strands move out of place. The Aveda Pure-Formance Firm Hold Gel should do the trick.

Ask your barber for a grade 3 to 5 on the sides, and to keep the hair as long as possible on the top to get this haircut.



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