How To Get The Ryan Gosling Haircut: 4 Classic Looks

4th May 2023

Ryan Gosling’s one of those guys who has it all. Good looks, a penchant for picking interesting and varied movie roles, a seemingly rock solid (and refreshingly low-key) relationship with Eva Mendes, and a reputation as an all-round nice guy (well, he is Canadian).

He also knows his way around a stylish haircut. Which is why we’re going to use him as inspiration for this blog post and take a look at how to get a Ryan Gosling haircut, one hit movie at a time.  

How to Get Ryan Gosling’s Haircut

First of all, when you’re taking hair inspiration from any celebrity, be it another actor such as Tom Holland, fictional characters like the Peaky Blinders or one of the many trending footballer haircuts that are doing the rounds, you need to be realistic.

For example, if you’ve got short, fine hair your barber isn’t going to be able to create shaggy, longer locks like Gosling sported in The Notebook. Having said that, there are plenty of great haircuts for men with thin hair so you don’t need to worry about missing out on the trends.

Right. Let’s kick things off with a film that really raised Gosling’s profile, both in Hollywood and in barber shops everywhere!

  • The Ryan Gosling Drive Haircut

He might have not had much dialogue in the movie, but the Ryan Gosling Drive haircut became an instant hit. (The movie didn’t do too badly either…)

A longer length crew cut, Gosling’s short to medium-length hairstyle has a fringe that is longer than the back and sides while the entire cut is styled to the side.

To finish the Ryan Gosling Drive hairstyle, you need texture on the top to stop the look becoming lacklustre. We suggest using pomade or wax which will also create the hold needed to keep your hair in place.

Suggested product: Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Pomade

  • The Ryan Gosling Crazy Stupid Love Haircut

Although similar to Ryan Gosling’s Drive haircut at first glance, this cut is styled with a slicker, more traditional side parting and is faded at the back and sides.

Like the Drive hairstyle, the fringe is left longer, becoming shorter towards the crown. This is a great style if you’re looking for a low maintenance men’s haircut, as it really just requires a regular trim and a good styling product will do the rest.

To keep the look slick, as was in keeping with Gosling’s character in the movie, we think a high shine gel with great hold is hard to beat.

Suggested product: Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Firm Hold Gel

  • The Ryan Gosling La La Land Haircut

If we’re talking about how to get a Ryan Gosling haircut, it would be impossible to ignore Gosling’s La La Land hairstyle which saw the character wear a classic slicked back look. 

Like the Crazy Stupid Love and Drive haircuts, Gosling’s stylist has opted to use his regular parting, allowing the cut to look natural whilst allowing the hair to be styled in the opposite direction.

The sides of the La La Land haircut are shorter, contrasting with the length on top. Despite the styling, the overall effect is natural, thanks to the hair being scissor cut throughout, including around the ears. 

Style with a product such as clay which gives a textured but pliable hold that is perfect for Gosling’s La La Land haircut.

Suggested product: Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Grooming Clay

  • The Ryan Gosling Blade Runner 2049 Haircut

Making a departure from the Crazy Stupid Love, Drive and La La Land Ryan Gosling haircuts, we come to 2017’s Blade Runner and Gosling’s hairstyle which has been scissor cut into a relatively close and choppy crop.

The style would also work as a tapered cut and you could ask your barber to shave the sides towards the bottom if you’re into the faded haircut trend.

As for styling the Ryan Gosling Blade Runner haircut, the aim isn’t to create volume, but to add piecey texture. For this we suggest using a styling paste which will give you the chunky pieces that the style requires.

Suggested product: Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Thickening Paste

  • And finally – Ryan Gosling’s Hair in Barbie 

Okay, we know the Barbie movie might not be top of your must-see films list, but we couldn’t wrap up this post about Ryan Gosling’s movie hairstyles without giving his role as Barbie’s boyfriend Ken a mention.

It’s a bold choice for sure, but if you’ve had your imagination fired by the on-set photos that have been making waves since Barbie started filming, or the newly released trailer, and you want to embrace your inner Ken doll, who are we to stop you?

In fact, we’re big fans of hair colour for men and love some of the latest trends. Whether the Ken look will start trending is yet to be seen, but if you’re thinking about going very, very blonde, talk to us first to make sure it’s the right decision for your lifestyle and your hair type. 

Get the Ryan Gosling Haircut at Cutters Yard

Want to know how to get the Ryan Gosling haircut? Easy. Pick your favourite Gosling ‘do and find a couple of photos that clearly show your barber what you’re looking for.

We can’t promise you’ll leave our Southwark or London Bridge barbers only to be chased down the street by screaming fans. But we can tell you, you’ll leave with a stylish new haircut that might not transform you into a Hollywood A-lister, but will certainly have you looking and feeling like one.

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