How To Get Luis Diaz’s New Haircut and Colour

10th February 2023

Even if you only know the slightest thing about men’s hair and grooming and the slightest thing about football, one thing that’s probably not escaped you is the Luis Diaz haircut.

Alright, so we’re exaggerating a little but to be fair, as footballer haircuts go, this might just be up there with Neymar’s pink hair or any one of Paul Pogba’s many colourful hairstyles.

And although Luis Diaz’s haircut might have certain Marmite qualities – i.e. you either love it or hate it – no one can deny it isn’t eye-catching. 

So what do you do if you want to follow in the Colombian national’s footsteps and get Luis Diaz’s new haircut and colour?


How to Get the New Luis Diaz Haircut and Colour


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First of all, it’s important to point out that Diaz has naturally curly hair. If your hair is straight that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the look, but you would need to consider growing your hair out to around two inches (if it isn’t already) in order to perm it. (Bear in mind, too, that curly hair does need a little extra care.)

Diaz hasn’t held back when it comes to being distinctive. His new haircut is defined by the sharp fading to the sides and beard, the ‘v’ at the back, the undercut where his curls fall over the fade, and the frosted tips.


What are Frosted Tips for Men?

Frosted tips for men have been around since the 1970’s but really started making headlines when Justin Timberlake made the look popular in the ‘90’s. However, today’s frosted tips are a little more understated than their predecessors.


Luis Diaz’s Frosted Tips Hair Colour

To get Luis Diaz’s new haircut, if your hair is naturally dark, your barber will bleach the very ends of selected sections of your hair and then add hair dye to bring the tips to the desired colour.

As you can see, Diaz has gone for very light, almost white, tips but there’s nothing stopping you from just taking inspiration from his look and making it your own by choosing a different colour.

You might want to tone the look down and make it a little more subtle or you might want to embrace your inner footballer and let your imagination run wild!

Whatever you do, the good news is there are plenty of trending hair colour ideas for men to choose from. From pastel hues to dirty blonde to burnished copper to smoky grey to vibrants pinks, purples and blues. 


Luis Diaz’s New Haircut: The Fade


Let’s talk about the Liverpool winger’s fade, which is an integral part of his new haircut. Maybe you want to emulate the sharp lines of Diaz’s fade, or perhaps you’d like to soften the look a little. 

There are a couple of ways of achieving this and your barber will walk you through the options. For example, you could go for a zero fade or you might want to choose a skin fade.

What’s the difference between a zero fade and a skin fade? The former is tapered and leaves some hair near the base of the neck. A skin fade is a zero-grade cut that is shorter at the bottom and reveals more of the scalp.

And of course, you can also decide if you want to make sure people know you’re sporting the Luis Diaz style by also asking your barber to cut the unique ‘v’ shape into your hair at the back of your neck


How To Look After The Luis Diaz Haircut

Diaz’s hair is thick with plenty of body but keep in mind that you will need to use hair care products that are specially formulated for your hair type. If you don’t have the volume that Diaz has, consider using a shampoo for fine hair or a scalp revitaliser that thickens the hair at the root.

When it comes to styling the Luis Diaz haircut, a product such as Aveda’s Men Pure-formance™ Thickening Paste will also create the illusion of more body while holding the style in place. Regular appointments with your barber are also recommended to maintain the look. 

And if you’re going for the full Luis Diaz cut and style, you’ll also need to maintain your beard. Diaz’s beard starts just below the sideburns and fades in to gradually increase coverage, resulting in more hair on the chin.

To keep the look sharp you will ideally want to trim the sides every day or two and the chin hair once a week. Obviously this depends on how quickly your facial hair grows.

As the beard is an integral part to the overall Diaz look, it will be well worth purchasing products that help to nourish and care for it. We love the Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance™ Shave Cream which helps prepare your skin for a close and comfortable shave.


Get the Luis Diaz Haircut at Cutters Yard

Ready to try out Luis Diaz’s new haircut for yourself? At Cutters Yard we offer a range of services including hair colouring, skin fades, and our beard perfection service which incorporates the Aveda Men Pure-formance Composition™ Hot Towel Ritual.Celebrate the new season in style and book your appointment at our London Bridge or Southwark barbers today!