Here’s How To Fix Men’s Dry, Damaged Hair

20th April 2023

Do you suffer from dry and damaged hair? Are you looking for some ideas on how to fix dry men’s hair? If so, you’ve come to the right blog post.

We’re going to take a look at how to tackle damaged men’s hair and find out how you can turn a frazzled looking haircut into something you can be proud of!

How to Fix Dry Hair for Men

 First of all, what is dry hair and how do you know if you have it? As the name suggests, dry hair doesn’t have enough of its natural oil and moisture to retain shine and therefore its texture will be coarser than normal.

And although anyone can suffer from dry hair, it is for this reason that men with curly or coily hair can be extra prone to dryness as the oil finds it harder to travel down the strands to reach the tips.

To find out if your hair is dry, the next time you wash it, take the ends of one strand between your fingers and gently pull. If the hair stretches and then pings back to its original length, you have healthy hair. But if the strand stretches and doesn’t bounce back, it’s dry.

The good news is, that dry and damaged men’s hair doesn’t have to stay that way. Let’s look at a few ideas for treating men’s dry hair.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Washing your hair less when you have dry hair might feel counterintuitive, but washing your hair every day can contribute to the problem. 

That’s because when you wash your hair too frequently, you’re actually stripping it of its essential oils.

Try dialling the shampooing back to every two or three days as this will give your scalp time to create those natural, moisturising oils that your dry and damaged hair so desperately craves.

Reduce Your Reliance on Heated Tools

If you’re a man with dry or damaged hair, if your hair could talk it would be begging you to put down the hairdryer and/or other heated tools. 

Now we know a lot of you probably just wash and go, but if you are using heated appliances to dry or style your hair, you’re only adding to the dryness factor. 

Heat can really damage hair, especially if it’s already lacking in moisture. So if you’re not already, we suggest air drying your hair naturally or, at least, using your hairdryer on the lowest temperature setting possible.

Use Cooler Water

If you want to know how to fix dry and damaged men’s hair, another tip is to use cooler water when you’re shampooing, conditioning and rinsing it. 

In the same way that heated tools can dry out and harm your hair, so too can hot water. 

So bite the bullet and turn that shower dial a couple of notches in the opposite direction if you want your hair to thank you!

Choose the Right Products

If it’s men’s hair care tips you’re looking for and you want to revive your dry, damaged hair, men should also think about investing in a shampoo and conditioner for their hair type.

We really like Aveda’s Nutriplenish™ range which includes products that are infused with a blend of omega-5 and superfoods to deeply nourish dry and damaged hair. 

Try the Nutriplenish™ Shampoo Deep Moisture and the matching conditioner and give your thirsty hair a treat. 

Book in with Your Barber

Dry and damaged men’s hair usually looks better when it’s had a trim. When hair is longer, if it isn’t in the greatest condition, keeping it short and neat until it is in better condition is usually the better option.

In addition to this, regular trims can snip away dry, dead and split ends to keep hair in the best condition possible.

There are plenty of stylish short haircuts for men to choose from, from fades through to French crops, so men, if you’re looking for an easy way to fix your dry hair issues, it’s time to pick up the phone and make that call!

Try a Cleansing Scalp Treatment

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. When you use hair products, these can cause a build up which then clogs the pores. 

This can not only potentially cause the scalp to become dry, flaky and itchy, it can also prevent sebum – the scalp’s natural oil – from travelling down the strands of the hair. 

A detoxifying scalp cleansing treatment with a hot towel ritual is an amazing way to rejuvenate your scalp and help it to produce those moisturising oils that your dry hair is so desperate for.

Say Goodbye to Dry, Damaged Hair at Cutters Yard

Damaged men’s hair is no joke and at Cutters Yard, we know how to fix dry hair. Men with all hair types can count on us to, not only deliver a great cut, but to also use products that nourish the hair.

At our Southwark and London Bridge barbers you’ll find an experienced and friendly team who know how to work with all types of hair and treat all kinds of hair-related issues.

Whether you’re after a haircut or want to try our scalp cleansing treatment (or both!) book your appointment today and experience a barber with a difference.