Hairstyles for Men With Curly Hair

29th April 2021

Many guys with curly hair may see it as a downside or feel like it’s a hassle to style. However, curly hair can be just as easily moulded and shaped into as many different styles as you want that will have you looking sharp for any occasion.

Here at Cutters Yard, we encourage you to embrace your curls and style them how you like. If you’re having trouble picking a certain style, we’ve got you covered!

French Crop

A French crop is a hairstyle for people who don’t want the hassle of long frivolous hair is a hairstyle. This hairstyle keeps the hair short whilst preserving the natural texture of the hair, creating a sharp look.

To create a French Crop, the sides of your hair are cut short with clippers or faded to a one or two-level, and the hair on top is cropped high on the forehead and trimmed to keep it short and uniform. If you’re not a fan of shaved or faded sides then a normal crop would suffice as it doesn’t incorporate clippers and still provides the simple but stylish look. This is also perfect for formal events or work purposes where you want to give off great first impressions.

Faded Sides

Skin fades, low fades and high fades are all the rage, so it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular hairstyles amongst men with curly hair. You can either keep the back and sides really short by getting a skin fade or just settle with a taper fade which is just as stylish.

Faded haircuts are professional, classy and help accentuate your curls on top. Plus, your curls can be kept long or cropped short depending on what your preferences are. 

Surfer Curls

Probably the most liberating haircut of them all is surfer curls. It requires… well, no maintenance whatsoever. The benefits of this hairstyle are that you don’t need any styling products or regular trips to the barbers.

The surfer curls are the ultimate casual look. The hair is left to grow to around your shoulder length and the hair can be swept back or pushed to the side. If you want to go further with this casual look, consider cutting long layers throughout the hair to mimic a shaggy surfer haircut.

If you’re interested in looking for more hairstyles for men with long hair, check out our recent blog.

Man Bun

If you’re a fan of the surfer curls, but want a more formal approach to your hairstyle, consider rocking a  man bun. The man bun has been growing in popularity ever since the start of the 2000s, and still remains one of the most popular styles in 2021.

All you need is an elastic hairband and the hair on top of your head to be around 8 inches long, which is the best length for achieving this look. 

First, you want to have the hairband on your dominant wrist. Then, bring all of your hair forward, cup your hair at the back of your head until you are holding all your hair in your dominant hand. Remember to scoop up any stray hairs or leave them if that’s the style you’re striving for. Bring your hairband up from your wrist and tie it once around your hair. You can tie it more than once depending on the style you want, but a loose tie is often more comfortable.

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