Top Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair

24th February 2021

A full head of thick hair is desirable for any man. It can be moulded and shaped into any style that you want and is usually a sign of good health.

As we already covered in our blog on how to reduce hair loss in men, we mentioned that the secret to thick luscious hair is a lot of physical activity and the avoidance of bad habits such as alcohol and smoking which can cause irreparable damage.

Although, having thick hair does come at a cost. Without the right haircut and products to keep it under control, it can quickly turn into a disaster.

That’s why we encourage you to embrace your thick mane. Here are some of our favourite hairstyles for men with thick, voluminous hair.


A truly sophisticated hairstyle, the Pompadour came into fashion in the 1950s with the likes of Elvis Presley. The original style has the hair swept up and back over the head, the sides are usually cut to around a level 2 length and kept close to the head, whilst the long hair at the front is styled into a neat quiff. 

This hairstyle exudes class and confidence, with famous icons like David Beckham rocking the Pompadour.

Side Part

Just like the Pompadour, this hairstyle is the smart and sophisticated style that most men look for. The hair on top is long enough to slick back or push over to the side, whilst the hair on the side is combed down or skin faded, leaving a small amount of hair just below the side part line. 

For more effectiveness, comb your hair like this immediately after washing it, over time your hair will get used to falling into place.

This hairstyle is versatile enough to be used for both informal and formal occasions.


Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a very simple yet effective hairstyle. It consists of buzzed or skin faded sides, a cropped fringe and the hair being pushed forward. This style is a must for anyone who prefers a low maintenance cut for their thick hair.


Skin Fade

If you have naturally thick and curly hair, a skin fade might just be the finishing touch you need on your hair to make it look sharp. A skin fade emphasises the top part of your hair, so make sure the top part is neatly trimmed.

If a skin fade isn’t your cup of tea, we also recommend a taper fade or a low fade. These fades will start closer to your neck, leaving you with more hair on the sides.


A quiff can be used with almost any haircut. All it requires is a few centimetres of hair at the front to be pushed to the side or hanging down on one side of the face. For the best results, we recommend blow-drying your hair to make it more malleable. It adds more volume to your hair, making it feel more bouncy and soft.

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