Growing A Beard For The First Time

25th April 2018

Growing a beard for the first time can seem like looking for the light at the end of a long, itchy, uncomfortable tunnel. What we basically mean is that if you’ve never grown a beard before, the idea can seem a bit daunting. You have no need to fear though! Cutters Yard is here to guide you through the process. Let us take you through some of the important tips and tricks of how to grow a beard for the first time so that it is as lucious and sleek as the hair on your head.

First off; there is no way to have any control over when your beard decides to sprout, what texture it is or what colour it decides to acquire. So if you’re picturing the perfectly lined jaw of hair that matches blends in perfectly with your hairstyle just keep in mind that somethings are simply out of our control. These aspects of beard growth are hooked up to your DNA, so take this into account if you’re considering starting the beard growing process for the first time, you never know what kind of surprise you could be in for when those hairs start sprouting through.

Understandably, like the rest of your body, to grow your first beard is ultimately linked to your overall health. To maximise the growth of your chin curtain take a bit of time to review your nutrition, exercise regime and overall well-being. Overall, successfully growing a beard for the first time mainly comes down to hormones, such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (known as DHT). Men with higher levels of these hormones in their bodies will have more luck with producing higher levels of facial hair. (Don’t worry if you haven’t got higher levels of these hormones, because that means you’re more likely to keep that hair on top of your head!) If you want your beard to grow through and start to blossom then take into account your diet. Foods that are rich in protein, biotin and calcium are great for strengthening hair. Other foods that are loaded with vitamin A are great for promoting cell growth in your beard hairs. Keep your diet consisting of foods such as eggs, spinach, liver and even a sprinkle of cinnamon, it can help flow oxygen to your hair follicles prompting hair growth! Just think of your beard being an extension of yourself, so the healthier you are then the healthier your beard is!

Our top tip: Shaving will not prompt hair to come through faster if you’re growing your beard for the first time. This is an urban legend that circuits the world of facial hair. For most beardsmen, the much coveted fuller beards of instagram take time to grow. We all sit around looking in the mirror having seen hardly any growth, watching the ticking clock and checking the dates in our calendar to count how many days it has been since starting the beard growing process, but patience is key.