5 Tips for Dry Skin in Men

22nd January 2021

Dry and sensitive skin is uncomfortable and can cause a lot of pain if left unchecked. So what’s the cause? Lack of moisture. Your skin is probably not producing enough sebum (skin’s natural oil) and therefore you are left with cracked, flaky skin.

It’s crucial that you have a good skincare routine to help keep your skin healthy and prevent breakouts in the future – especially in cold winter months.

Here is a list of our best tips on how to treat dry skin for men.

Natural oils are important 

Your skin naturally produces an oil called Sebum, which is made up of a mixture of fatty acids, wax and sugars. Sebum helps to naturally moisturise and protect your skin

These natural oils are vital in protecting your skin from toxic chemicals in daily life. If you are someone who likes to have hot showers, you could actually be harming your skin by stripping it of its natural resources, which can lead to eczema and other skin conditions.

There are simple fixes to this however: switching the temperature of your water to lukewarm. Or perhaps if you like to shower twice a day, cut down to only once a day to preserve your skin’s essential oils.

Apply a moisturiser daily

Skin is designed to keep disease out of the body, and the right moisturiser acts as a barrier to seal up the cracks in our skin. So when skin is well moisturised, it functions to repel potential bacterial infections.

If the skin is open anywhere, viral infections such as warts and contagious infections can enter the body easily. So, replenishing the skin barrier helps to keep you healthy.

Use a serum

Similar to moisturisers, serums bind water to the skin to form a protective barrier that is great for locking moisture in

However, serums penetrate deeper into the skin, whereas moisturiser acts more on the surface. So if you’re looking for a deeper treatment for dry skin, then serum is the product for you.

We recommend Aveda’s tulasāra™ firm concentrate treatment serum which is 97% naturally derived for firmer-looking skin and even diminishes lines and wrinkles.

Be gentle with skin

Finally, just be more gentle with your skin. Skin is the largest organ in the body, so we need to make sure that it is treated with care. Here are a few small things that you can change in your daily life to help take more care of your skin:

– Never use soap on the face. Most soaps have a high pH that can disrupt the outer layer of your skin and cause inflammation and dryness.

– Use your hands when washing your face. Using a loafer or flannel can rip the skin’s microfibers causing dry skin.

– Pat, don’t rub your face when you step out of the shower. Rubbing your face with the towel can also rip your skin and cause dry skin.

– Use a good shaving gel or cream when shaving to help protect your skin from the damage of the blade. We suggest the Aveda Men Pure-Formance Shave Cream for shaving and Aveda’s Dual Action Aftershave and Moisturiser to help the skin keep nourished after the shave.

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