Everything You Need To Know About The Men’s French Crop Haircut

10th February 2023

More often than not, having an on-trend hairstyle means spending more time and effort than most of us would like in front of the mirror. And that’s precisely why we love the men’s French crop haircut so much.

This low-maintenance haircut for men is neat, dapper and, mercifully, quick and easy to style. But what actually is a French crop haircut, and more importantly, will it suit you?


What is a Men’s French Crop Haircut?

You’ll have definitely seen the French crop haircut – even if you didn’t realise that was its name. It’s that hairstyle for men that’s long on the top with a much shorter back and sides – usually faded. 

Think Peaky Blinder haircuts and you’re on the right track. Having said that, there are a number of variations on the French crop, which means you’ll be able to find a cut that’s right for you if you don’t fancy going full-on Tommy Shelby!

In a nutshell, a french crop is long on top with a blunt fringe and short back and sides which are normally faded into the skin.


How to Ask Your Barber for a French Crop Haircut


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Any barber worth their salt will know what a French crop haircut for men is. It’s the type of French crop you want that you will need to be more specific about.

We’ll take a closer look at the different men’s French crops in a moment, but if you’re worried about picking the right one for you, don’t be.

The French crop suits virtually everyone. It works with any face shape, with any hair texture – including curly hair – it’s a great haircut for men with thin hair and it even helps to disguise a receding hairline.


Different Types of Men’s French Crop Haircuts

Whilst the French crop is notable for its longer top and short back and sides, the great thing about the cut is that you can easily customise it to suit your individual style. Your barber will be able to make some suggestions if you want to tweak the cut to make it your own.


  • Classic French Crop

Let’s start with the OG French crop. This has the hair clipped at the sides and back to contrast slightly with the length of the hair on the top and the fringe. This gives a dapper but slightly more subtle effect than some of the other crops we’ll look at.

The hair on the top can be styled differently, from tousled to slicked back and the fringe can be cut bluntly for a more severe look or left choppy or spiked.


  • Long French Crop

For a slightly more versatile men’s French crop hairstyle, you can choose to keep more length on top. And while you might have to make slightly more regular trips to the barber to keep the cut in shape, the length does allow you to play around with styles, such as comb-overs and side partings.


  • Short French Crop

On the other hand, if you’re a get-up-and-go type of guy and you want little to no styling duties, the short French crop could be the hairstyle for you. It’s also ideal for anyone who needs to look neat at work. Simply run a small amount of clay or wax through your hair and you’ll be good to go.


  • Textured French Crop

Keeping your hair on top medium to long in length will let you ask your barber for a textured French crop. This is a more tousled, rugged look than the short French crop.

Choose a product that gives definition and is pliable enough to let you mess up your hair as you style it. We like the Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Grooming Cream which gives medium hold whilst ensuring your hair has a healthy shine.


  • Curly French Crop

Guys with curly hair don’t have to miss out on the men’s French crop haircut trend. As with your straight-haired brothers, keep your curls as long or as short as you like on top and ask your barber to clip the sides short, or into a fade. Keep in mind that the shorter your curls, the neater the look will be.


  • Skin Fade French Crop 

If you’re looking for a really low-maintenance men’s hairstyle, the skin fade French crop is another great option. A skin fade is a technique in which the hair on the back and sides is cut so closely that it literally fades, or blends, into the skin.

The hair on top can be cut and styled as you wish, although keeping it simple allows the fade to be the centre of attention.


  • Zero Fade French Crop

A zero fade is slightly different to a skin fade in that it isn’t quite as extreme. In a zero fade, the hair tapers to leave some at the nape of the neck. Fading (as opposed to clipping) the sides and back of the hair updates the classic version while still giving you a look that is easy to style.

Again, you might want to go for a more understated top to let the fade do the talking. 


  • Disconnected French Crop

Unlike a fade, a disconnected haircut is one in which the difference between the longer hair on top and the shorter back and sides is obvious and severe. The disconnect between the longer hair and the shaved hair gives a traditional French crop a bang-up-to-date look.

So, what is a French crop haircut? It’s all of the above!


How to Style a French Crop Haircut

How you style your French crop will depend on the look you want to achieve as well as your hair type.


Styling a French Crop For Straight Hair

  • Combing your hair so it’s smooth then squirting a little fixing spray over it to keep it tidy. 
  • Brushing and blow-drying the hair on top backwards for a retro, highly groomed look. Use a product like Aveda’s Pure-formance™ Pomade which will hold the style firmly in place whilst adding shine.
  • Or style it over to one side and hold in place with wax or pomade for an equally eye-catching comb-over. 


Styling a French Crop For Curly & Wavy Hair


French crops for men are usually styled forward, but as our styling tips above show, you can switch things up and opt for a side or backcombed look too. You just need to blow dry your hair in the direction that you want it to fall before then working your product through it in the same direction.

The trick is to play around with your cut and find out what works for you.


Get the Men’s French Crop Haircut at Cutters Yard

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