Easy Summer Grooming Tips

8th June 2018

We all love summer, what is there not to love? Sunshine, barbecues, holidays and endless amounts of that natural vitamin D. But hot weather and scorching rays can have their negative on our bodies and appearance. From limp hair to oily skin, there’s many different factors we try to avoid letting get bad over the hot summer months. Here are some easy summer grooming tips for how to keep that grooming routine in tip top condition in the coming months – so you don’t have to worry about you skin get oily quicker or your hair getting too dry.


Keep that hair clean! It’s best to wash your hair daily to rid it off all the oil and dirt that its exposed to in daily life. You may have an excessively oily scalp, in which case taking steps to reduce build up will be a key component of your hot weather grooming routine. To save time with this routine it can be effective to get yourself a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioning product.

Consider a swimming cap. They may not be the coolest looking products out there, but swimming caps are a fantastic way to keep your hair protected from chlorine waters when you go on holidays. You may not look great it in the cap when you go for a swim, but your hair will be on point for the rest of the holiday!

Make sure you cleanse daily. Male skin is naturally more oily than females, so it needs more care. Try and cleanse your face once in the morning and once at night to keep it appearing fresh and clean. Cleansing twice a day also helps prevent breakouts and blocked pores, as it stops the development of oils and dirts on the skin. You don’t want to be completely drying your skin out to counteract the development of oils, instead you want to be using a gel face wash, preferably one that has no dyes, fragrances, or alcohols present in its ingredients.

Remember to moisturise! It’s easy to look in the mirror and think you don’t need to moisturise as you can think your skin doesn’t look too dry or cracked, but it’s a vital component of keeping healthy, clean and balanced skin. It’s best to avoid heavy and thick winter creams that can leave your skin greasy and your sweat can just wipe any benefits of these cream away. Try and opt for a moisturiser that’s lighter in its formula with easy absorption into the skin. You can have skin that hydrated without leaving an oily trail!

Tame the mane! Getting your hair regularly trimmed is an easy way to always appear groomed and tidy. This summer grooming tip particularly applies to your beard, as having a thick heavy beard in summer can be a difficult thing to manage, so give it a trim (or you can even go clean-shaven if you prefer!).

The more sunscreen, the better! Sunscreen isn’t only appropriate for trips to the seaside or exoitc holidays, you should be putting it on as part of your daily routine during the sunny summer months. Skin that is exposed too much to harsh sun rays can burn and cause a leathery appearance on the surface of the skin. It’s best to get in to a routine of re-applying sunscreen every 2 hours because it wears off quite easily throughout the day.


That’s it! Grooming during the hot weather months can be tricky however guys who follow our easy summer grooming tips will be firmly on course to enjoy everything this summer has to offer. Need some expert grooming advice or products – stop by our barber shop.