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Staying Strong While Growing Your Hair Out

So, decision made,  it’s time to grow your hair out. You’ve had the same hairstyle for so long that you’re getting bored looking in the mirror and you want something different to change your look.  First of all, bravo! A lot of men get comfortable with the same haircut for years and don’t experiment with… Read more »

Telling Your Barber What You Really Want

Cutters Yard Barber Service

Bored of your look? Time for a change? We know how frustrating it can be when you want to try something new but not sure what to go for. Once you’ve found ‘your haircut’ it’s often hard to take the leap and change again. We often get comfortable with what we know and that’s why… Read more »

The Mans Guide To Pomade


Pomade has exploded onto the mens hair scene in the last 5-10 years, yet many guys are still unfamiliar with how to use pomade to its best effect. Back in the 00s the three main styling choices were Gel, Wax & Clay – yet todays men are preferring to choose specialist hair products which suit… Read more »