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The Best Short Hairstyles for Men

Short hair can sometimes have a reputation of being high-maintenance, as it requires frequent trips to the barber to maintain. However, there is something to be said for short hair accentuating facial features that long hair would otherwise distract people from. With so many options and hair types out there, it can be tricky choosing… Read more »

The Best Eco-friendly Products for Men

As climate change continues to have an impact on our society, we should be looking at how we can do our part in combating it.  Aveda is one of the companies that strive for environmental change and cruelty-free production. In fact, as of 2021, Aveda is 100% vegan. This makes us proud to be an… Read more »

Best Summer Hairstyles for Men 2021

With summer well and truly underway, you’ll be looking to find that ideal hairstyle to keep you cool and looking sharp. Keeping in mind the latest hair trends for 2021, here are our favourite summer haircuts you should consider. High Fade with Textured Top Probably the most popular hairstyle during this time of year, the… Read more »

The Best Beard Styles for 2021

As a result of the pandemic, experimenting with different styles of beard has reached an all-time high. The options are endless, and with the last decade seeing the most hair and beard trends come and go, there are a few trends that won’t die out for a long time. If you’re struggling to pick the… Read more »

Hairstyles for Men With Curly Hair

Many guys with curly hair may see it as a downside or feel like it’s a hassle to style. However, curly hair can be just as easily moulded and shaped into as many different styles as you want that will have you looking sharp for any occasion. Here at Cutters Yard, we encourage you to… Read more »

Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair

man with long hair

Once made popular with rock band idols and hipsters, having long hair creates endless possibilities for styling. The versatility of styles that long hair can provide is second to none. If you’re struggling with your luscious locks, here are a few of our favourite hairstyles for men with long hair. Slick Back A hairstyle that… Read more »

Top Men’s Hair Trends 2021

With the strict lockdowns imposed on hair barbers during 2020 and part of this year, we have been forced to manage the styling of our own hair. However, the promising prospect of hairdressers up and down the country opening up for good in April has prompted us to explore different hairstyle options. To help you… Read more »

Top Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair


A full head of thick hair is desirable for any man. It can be moulded and shaped into any style that you want and is usually a sign of good health. As we already covered in our blog on how to reduce hair loss in men, we mentioned that the secret to thick luscious hair… Read more »

Our Top Tips on How to Style Your Beard

Beard perfection service - Cutters Yard

Whether you like to be cleanly shaven, a light stubble beard, chinstrap or even a Van Dyke, there are no specific rules on how to style your beard. But the basics of trimming your beard consistently, knowing about your beard’s neckline and cheek line, is crucial to know if you want your beard to be… Read more »

Our Top Five Current Men’s Hair Trends

Man getting hair combed

Looking to freshen up your look this Winter? It can be easy to ask for the same thing every time you go to the barbers, but, sometimes it’s good to change things up.  With so many hairstyles to choose from, we have whittled down the latest men’s hair trends to our five current favourites. From… Read more »