Best Summer Hairstyles for Men 2021

17th June 2021

With summer well and truly underway, you’ll be looking to find that ideal hairstyle to keep you cool and looking sharp.

Keeping in mind the latest hair trends for 2021, here are our favourite summer haircuts you should consider.

High Fade with Textured Top

Probably the most popular hairstyle during this time of year, the high skin fade is a practical choice as it keeps the hair on the back and sides very short, keeping your head nice and cool in the summer months. Not to mention, it also gives off a very well put together look. 

The textured top can be left looking messy, pulled over into a side part and even styled with gel, wax or clay. We recommend Aveda Men’s Pure Formance Grooming Clay to give your hair a strong, pliable hold with a matte finish.

Textured Crop

If you’re not a fan of having long hair on top or a fringe in the hot summer months, a textured crop is perfect for you.

This hairstyle consists of a low or high fade, depending on your preferences, with the top of the hair cut short and the fringe cropped, slightly resembling a crew cut. The only difference is that the top of the hair is left looking textured. The textured crop is a sharp-looking haircut for any summer function.

French Crop

The French crop is very similar to the textured crop, only it accommodates people with more curly hair who prefer a shorter fringe accompanied by faded back and sides.

To create a French Crop, the sides of your hair are given a high or low fade and the hair on top is cropped high on the forehead and trimmed to keep it short and uniform. This keeps your curly locks looking as natural as possible. 

If you’re not a fan of shaved or faded sides, then a normal cut would suffice as it doesn’t incorporate clippers and still provides a simple but stylish look, which is perfect for a beach party.

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Surfer Curls

Surfer curls are the ultimate casual look for men. This hairstyle requires little to no maintenance with no styling products, making it perfect for anyone who dislikes constant trips to the barbers.

The surfer curls are usually left to grow around shoulder length, this is where the hair feels more comfortable for men. Any longer and it starts to become a nuisance.

The ventilation for surfer curls is usually quite good, especially if you have relatively thin hair. However, if you start to feel hot, you can easily transform your hairstyle into a man bun. So make sure you keep a hairband with you just in case!

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