The Best Short Hairstyles for Men

30th July 2021

Short hair can sometimes have a reputation of being high-maintenance, as it requires frequent trips to the barber to maintain. However, there is something to be said for short hair accentuating facial features that long hair would otherwise distract people from.

With so many options and hair types out there, it can be tricky choosing the right haircut for you. So here are some of our favourite picks of short haircuts for men.

Short Fringe with High Taper Fade

Sometimes having a bit of fringe can make you look and feel good, especially if prefer your hair to be swept to the side or left messy at the front. The fringe can also come in handy if you’re self-conscious about your hairline.

We think that this hairstyle looks great because it is simple. It doesn’t try to be too bold, the hair at the top looks stylish when pushed forward and the high fade on the sides help accentuate your facial features and jawline even more.

                                                                                French Crop

We mentioned this haircut in one of our previous blogs on the best summer hairstyles for men because it is one of our favourite hairstyles for modern men. Plus, if you have curly hair, this one might be perfect for you.

The French Crop is very similar to a textured crop, only it allows for a messier fringe. The haircut is perfected with a high and tight fade, creating a blend of sharp edges and a messy top for a contemporary casual look.

The Side Part

Sometimes known as the ‘Ivy League’ haircut, the side part is often seen as a smart option for a short hairstyle due to its tidiness, which makes it ideal for professional business settings.

To create this hairstyle, the hair is split between the side part and shortened on the side to blend in with a fade or taper, depending on your preference. The hair on top is then pushed over to the side. We recommend using hair products like Aveda’s Liquid Pomade to make sure the hair stays in place.

Pushed to the Side

Sometimes shaved sides can cause some irritation and be quite uncomfortable in those chilly winter months. For men who don’t like tapered or faded sides, there are also ways to style your hair that help accentuate your facial features.

The hair is usually kept longer on the top than on the sides but not too short, so having the hair cut at around grade 2 is perfect. The finishing touch is the comb-over of the hair on top. This can be swept over to the side or backwards depending on your preference.

Pushed Up Top with Low Faded Sides

If you’re not a fan of high and tight fades and have relatively thick hair, this low faded hairstyle is perfect for you. 

A low fade is not as popular as a high one but still offers sharpness to your hairstyle. The almost quiff-like hair on top is consistent with the length of hair on top and creates a stylish look. 

Let Us Help You Choose The Right Style!

At Cutter’s Yard, we are experts in Men’s hair and grooming. So, if you’re unsure which haircut to go for, our barbers will be happy to assist and advise.

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