Best Facial Treatments For Men During The Colder Weather

14th November 2019

It’s cold. The wind is biting, jumpers are out, the heating is on, your umbrella is always up and you’re looking at winter coats to purchase this year. But have you stopped to think about what the cold weather is doing to your skin? The constant changes in temperature when going from indoor to outdoor spaces and the harsh British weather can leave your skin feeling dull and dry.

Men’s facial treatments during the colder months are worth considering during your next visit to the barber. It’s well known that you should tailor your grooming products to the seasons as your skin needs much more hydration during colder months. Without proper care, your skin can become prone to redness, flaking and itching as its natural barriers are working overtime.

Another serious factor to consider when assessing your skin’s needs are pollution levels. Unfortunately, we Londoners are no strangers to poor air quality and its negative effects on our skin. This, combined with fluctuating temperatures, means your skin has to work doubly hard at protecting itself.

One of the best ways to support your skin throughout the colder months is to treat it to a men’s grooming treatment. These will assist it in combating these issues by providing it with the vital nutrients your skin is craving. Below, we share the Cutters Yard’s best grooming treatments for the colder months:

Express Facial

The Express Facial at Cutters Yard is the best facial treatment for men who have busy days and are short on time. This speedy service (the clue is in the name) aims to give a rapid boost to your skin’s hydration levels for a refreshed and balanced complexion. 

As with all our services, your express men’s facial will start with a consultation to discuss any skin issues and explain the treatment to you. This is also where our expert barbers tailor the product selection to your skin type. We prioritise moisturising products during the colder months to lock in hydration and protect from the elements. 

Cut Throat Shave

Kill two birds with one stone with a Cut Throat Shave Treatment at Cutters Yard. Not only will one of our skilled barbers deliver an exceptional shaving experience, your skin will be soothed and softened during the hot towel ritual that follows.

The service begins by applying grooming oil and steaming the skin to soften the follicles and prep you for the main event. The first layer of the shaving gel is then applied, followed by a hot towel gently wrapped around your face. 

Once the skin is soft enough, the towel is removed and the shaving cream is mixed and applied in a thick layer to the facial area. Then the shaving process begins with a close-shave razor, divided into sections. Once the shave is complete, the excess product is removed, and a cold towel is applied to close the pores and soothe the skin. An aftershave formula is then used to complete the process.

The result is soft, soothed and hydrated skin with a healthy glow that’s free from irritation. 

Clinique & Lab Series Facial 

An exclusive collaboration with Lab Series & Clinique For Men – formulated especially for Aveda Men Cutters Yard. Our treatment is tailored to your skin type, targeting your needs. Sip on the therapeutic feel-good and look-good factor of this unique experience

The treatment begins with a full skin analysis, before thoroughly cleansing the skin, using a scrub if required. We then apply an Urban Blue Clay Mask to help remove toxins clear the skin. While the mask does if work you can enjoy a complimentary hand and shoulder massage. Once the mask is removed we then apply nutrients in the form of the high-performance Clinique eye cream and moisturiser specific to your skin type. 

Do It Yourself Men’s Facial Treatment

The most important part of any men’s facial treatment is homecare. Your barber will explain all the skincare they used on your skin and give you tips on the best skincare for cold weather and how to use the products at home for longer-lasting results.

The best weapon for your skin during the colder months is expert men’s skincare. Even if you just use one product, apply it every day to give your skin vital nutrients and protect from the elements.