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8 Trending Hair Colour Ideas For Men

Men's hair colour idea, man with rainbow coloured hair

Hair trends for men come and go but one thing that never goes out of style is a great colour. So whether you’re looking to cover up a few grey hairs or you feel like switching up your style, read on as we explore some men’s hair colour ideas.    Contents: 8 Trending Hair Colour… Read more »

10 Current Men’s Hair Trends to Try In 2022

Man with quiff current men's hair trend

From classic styles to cutting-edge trends, the most current men’s haircuts for 2022 come in all shapes and sizes. But just one of these fantastic new looks can up your game. Quiff hairstyles, textured crop haircuts, classic men’s haircuts, and textured haircuts are all on-point this year. The secret to feeling fresh, confident, and ready… Read more »

Expert Tips: How To Maintain A Moustache

How to maintain a moustache - man with a beard and moustache

They don’t just appear. A superb ‘tache is shaped and trimmed. Maintaining a moustache properly will help prevent it from turning into a walrus-like growth on your top lip (unless that is the aim). To groom your facial hair to perfection, we’ve got the technique and tools you’ll need so you know how to maintain… Read more »

Here’s How To Get The Tom Holland Haircut

Tom holland haircut

When you’re looking for haircut inspiration, it’s only natural to turn to celebrities. After all, they have entire teams dedicated to keeping their hair immaculately groomed and on-trend. A celebrity who has an assortment of men’s hairstyles under his belt is none other than Tom Holland. From Spidermand to his shoots for global magazines, Tom… Read more »

The Peaky Blinder Haircut: What to Ask For

Man with the Peaky Blinder haircut

Peaky Blinders is truly a gift that keeps on giving. From the stellar performances making us feel as though we’ve been transported back in time, to the sharp sartorial attire and iconic haircuts, the show is bursting at the seams with inspiration for the fashion conscious gents out there.  The popular crime drama sparked a… Read more »

Ultimate Guide: Top Tips To Maintain Your Beard

Man with maintained beard

Men with facial hair may wonder how to maintain a beard and why it’s important. Fortunately, men’s beard maintenance has never been easier. Grooming your beard can help with hair growth, maintenance, and styling. These beard grooming suggestions will show you how to use the best products and how to maintain your beard between haircuts. Here’s… Read more »

How To Keep Your Scalp Healthy and Clean

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, yet taking care of our scalp tends to be an afterthought, or not even thought about at all. Maintaining a healthy scalp will not only give you enviable locks, it can also even help to prevent certain types of hair loss.  Did you know that the scalp contains… Read more »