8 Trending Hair Colour Ideas For Men

23rd June 2022

Hair trends for men come and go but one thing that never goes out of style is a great colour. So whether you’re looking to cover up a few grey hairs or you feel like switching up your style, read on as we explore some men’s hair colour ideas. 


Contents: 8 Trending Hair Colour Ideas For Men


8 Trending Hair Colour Ideas For Men

Is baby blue your idea of a fun hair colour for men? Or are you feeling inspired by Austin Butler and thinking about going over to the dark side with a slicked back Elvis-style quiff held neatly in place with Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Firm Hold Gel

Let’s dive into some of this year’s hottest hair colour ideas for men.


  • Highlights

hair colour idea for men blonde highlights

Mercifully the days of highlights for men being synonymous with frosted tips, as sported by Justin Timerlake back in his NSYNC days, are over.

Now, a professional barber will use highlights to subtly brighten sections of your hair for a flattering look that says ‘I’ve been hanging out at the beach all summer.’ 


  • Dark Ash Brown

Hair colour idea for men dark ash brown

Dark ash brown is a great hair colour idea for men who want an on-trend colour but who also don’t want to scream ‘I dyed my hair! Look at me!’ from the rooftops – as well as for those chaps who need to keep hair professional for work.

Dark ash brown is a combination of brown and grey and it works particularly well on fair to medium complexions.


  • Smokey Grey

Image Source: Pinterest

Whether you want to embrace any naturally grey hairs you have or you just feel like trying out a silver fox persona, smokey grey hair has been a trend for a while now.

It’s also an effective way of camouflaging real grey hair and a good barber will be able to seamlessly blend the two with artful colouring.


  • Bleach Blonde

Man with bleach blonde hair

The classic bleached blonde. We saw Phil Foden sport this colour during the 2020 Euros, but rest assured this colour is here to stay.

The key to a great bleached blonde is to opt for an ashy, platinum toner. This gives you cooler shade of blonde, and helps you avoid unwanted orange and yellow hues creeping through your mane.


  • Creative Pastel Colours

Hair colour idea for men, man with pastel pink hair

Women have been embracing the pastel hair colour trend for quite some time but there’s no reason why guys can’t have a piece of the action too.

Unless you have very light (or already bleached) hair, your barber will need to lighten your hair for the colour to take. Then it’s just a matter of choosing whether to go for mint green, baby pink, pastel blue, lilac or any other hue your barber has to offer. 


  • Copper

Hair colour idea for men man with copper hair

The copper hair trend is one of the biggest breakout successes of this year and if you’re looking for men’s hair colour ideas that will see you at the forefront of the fashion pack, this could be the one to go for. It is said that copper looks good on just about anyone, whatever their skin tone. 

The other great thing about copper is that it’s open to interpretation. From strawberry blonde through to dark auburn, there’s a shade of red for everyone. It’s official: it’s cool to be ginger.


  • Dirty Blonde

Man with dirty blonde hair

If you’re looking for something a little less dramatic than pastel pink or bright copper, one men’s hair colour trend that could work for you is dirty blonde.

Dirty blonde hair is a mid blonde colour that is shot through with light brown/dark blonde. Think Freddie Flintoff or a young Leonardo diCaprio. The nice thing about mixing the contrasting tones is that the end result is different on everyone.


  • Creative Vibrant Colours

Men's hair colour idea, man with rainbow coloured hair

Finally if you really want to stand out in a crowd, why not take the plunge and go for a brightly coloured hair dye for men. The world’s your rainbow oyster here and vibrant colours are one of the hottest hair trends for men and women alike.

Dyed red hair in a fiery shade of pillarbox red will turn heads, as will shocking yellow, purple or green. Or why not indulge your inner aquaman and go for a bright turquoise blue?

The only limit when it comes to this men’s hair trend is your imagination.


Men’s Hair Colour Ideas and How to Achieve Them

As anyone who’s ever dyed their hair will tell you, getting professional looking coloured hair is not as simple as whacking on a blob of hair dye and thinking job’s a good ‘un. If you want to go lighter than your natural colour, your barber will probably need to bleach, lighten or highlight your hair first.

A scalp or root bleach involves lightening your entire head of hair so that the new colour is visible. Applying a blonde or pastel coloured hair dye directly to brown or black hair is going to achieve nothing apart from wasting your time and money. 


How To Look After Coloured Hair

Whichever one of this year’s hottest hair trends for men you go for, one thing that never goes out of style is making sure your crowning glory is in the best condition possible.

Coloured hair needs some extra love as well, so make sure you choose your men’s hair care products with, well, care. 


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