6 Trending Men’s Mullet Styles To Try Yourself

4th April 2023

Men’s mullet styles are back – it’s official. And before you call us crazy, hear us out. The modern mullet for men has evolved from the style that we were all sniggering at just a few short years ago whenever we spotted one in the wild. 

Today’s mullet hairstyle for men is edgy, contemporary and cool. And best of all, there are dozens of different ways of making the modern men’s mullet your own.

Let’s take a look at some of the different trending mullet styles for men and see if we can inspire you to take a leap of faith!

What are Today’s Men’s Mullet Styles?

As we all know, the mullet is a hairstyle that is left longer at the back and cut shorter at the front and sides. Traditionally it is associated with cultural icons as varied as the American redneck and the 1980s footballer. 

But don’t let that put you off.

The modern men’s mullet is actually a versatile cut that looks smart and business-like at the front and edgy and cool at the back and sides. It’s generally shorter than its predecessor, being somewhat more restrained than the flowing mullets of yesteryear!

The ever-popular fade has also made its mark on the contemporary men’s mullet and we’re now seeing more care and attention paid to the sides than before, with tapered detailing blending the hair on the top and back of the head nicely into the shaved sides.

Trending Mullet Hairstyles for Men

As we mentioned, today’s mullet haircuts for men come in all different shapes and sizes, so to speak. Let’s take a look at some of the trending ones.

1. The Skullet

We’ll start with arguably the most extreme of the new men’s mullet: say hello to the skullet. As the name suggests, this hairstyle is a skull-based mullet. (Yes, we really did just write those words!) The skullet has a shaved, or very short, top and sides with longer hair at the back.  

2. The Curly Mullet

There’s no reason why men with naturally curly hair need to miss out on the trend. The curly mullet is a great way to rock the look as the curls soften the visible difference between long and short whilst also giving the style body and texture. Just make sure your curls are in great condition to give the style impact.

3. The Punk Mullet

Like the skullet, this is also a hardcore version of the mullet. However, instead of the closely shaved skull, opting for a little more length gives this modern mullet for men more of a punk vibe.

Keep the look sharp by spiking the hair on top with a clay or wax such as Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Grooming Clay which is ideal for the job thanks to its strong yet pliable hold.

4. The Two Toned Mullet

The two toned mullet is all about contrasts and is an excellent way of jumping onto the mullet trend while also embracing a pop of colour. Depending on the length of your hair, you might want to opt for a different colour to frame the face, or go for coloured tips at the back. As this is a real statement look, we say the bolder the colour the better

5. The Skin Fade Mullet

While all mullets have shorter shaved sides, asking your barber for a fade mullet is a good way to embrace two trends: the skin fade and the mullet. It also updates the classic look and is nicely versatile because you can opt for a low, medium or high fade depending on how much you want to commit to the look.

6. The Fringe Mullet

Adding in a fringe gives the modern mullet for men a real edgy vibe. An asymmetrically cut or bowl fringe has a clubby, street style feel to it while a straight, blunt fringe is more of a high-fashion look. The fringe can be long or short and either way, it balances out the rest of the style nicely.   

Who Does the Modern Mullet Hairstyle Suit?

Now we’ve looked at some of the trending men’s mullets, your next question is probably “who does the new men’s mullet style suit?”

While it may seem like the mullet haircut is not for everyone, you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually really versatile. 

It flatters virtually all face shapes and whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair you, yes YOU, can rock a mullet! The trick is to make sure you explain exactly what you want to your barber so you end up with the look you’re going for.

Our tip? Screenshot some photos that you’re inspired by to show your barber..

How Do I Style a Men’s Mullet?

If you’re worried that the mullet is difficult to style, then fear not – it is surprisingly low-maintenance.

Brush your hair forward when you’re doing your ‘do. We know that might go against everything you’ve ever known to be true, but trust us. While the natural default for most men is to brush their hair backwards, the contemporary mullet will look better brushed from back to front.

Next, choose your styling product carefully. While the mullets of the ‘80s tended to be fluffy and over blown, pomades work well with today’s men’s mullet styles because they keep the cut looking dapper. 

We like Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Pomade which is pliable and non-greasy for just the right amount of hold and shine. Meanwhile if your hair is on the thinner side, try the Aveda Invati Men™ Scalp Revitalizer which instantly makes hair look thicker – trust us your mullet will thank you.

Ready to Rock a Mullet at Cutters Yard?

We have to admit, we’re loving the modern men’s mullet trend as it really gets our creative energy flowing. No two mullets are the same… are you ready to come and find your spirit mullet?!

Book an appointment with our London Bridge or Southwark barbers today. We look forward to seeing you in the chair soon!