11 Best Footballer Haircuts To Inspire Your Next Trim

24th May 2022

When you watch your favourite players on the big screen, you’re probably focused on whether they’re going to cross that ball, or if that tackle was really a red card. But have you ever noticed how immaculate their trims are?

Either way, it’s never a bad idea to take a closer look at their cuts to pinch some ideas. So, we’ve broken down 11 of our best footballer haircuts to inspire your next trim.


Best Footballer Haircuts & What To Ask For:


Below, we walk you through each footballer haircut and how you can ask your barber, to ensure that you get a similar look. We also recommend showing them the photos provided.


  • Mason Mount Haircut: Textured Quiff

This midfielder opts for a staple look with plenty of volume and plenty of class. The modern quiff is renowned for its short back and sides, contrasting a longer top and fringe.

Mason Mount opts for a more relaxed style, with the front pushed back. However, you can make this trim look polished by taking some thickening paste backwards through the top of the hair. We recommend Aveda Men’s Thickening Paste for a more natural style. 

Ask your barber for a textured quiff with a low to mid-fade. The back and sides should be kept short, with longer, textured lengths on top.



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  • Jack Grealish Haircut: Slick-Back Undercut

This next trim needs no introduction. Jack Grealish’s haircut has been trending since the 2020 UEFA Euros, along with his signature Alice Band. Of course, this is to keep his mane away from his eyes on the pitch, so off the field Jack opts for a sleek, polished finish. This cut is truly versatile.

The slick-back style with an undercut serves as a more modern take on the Peaky Blinders haircut. There is plenty of length on top which Jack wears completely smoothed back, highlighting his mid-length skin fade.

Ask your barber for an undercut, keeping the length on top along with a skin fade on the sides.



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  • Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut: Short Pompadour

As one of the top players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo’s haircut doesn’t miss the mark. He dons a short pompadour, styled to perfection – somehow even on the pitch.

The pompadour is categorised by a fuller fringe area, which is pushed up and back, or to the sides in Ronaldo’s case. He sports a high skin fade which accentuates his strong bone structure.

Ask your barber for a short pompadour with a high skin fade to get Ronaldo’s haircut. 



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  • Eden Hazard Haircut: Short Fringe Crop

Taking it shorter now, this Belgian player loves to sport a timeless fringe crop.

The hair is trimmed very short on top, with the fringe pulled forward and down, and cut straight across. Hazard chooses a mid-fade, however this style also looks great with a high fade.

If you’re someone who has little to no time to style your hair, this trim is very low maintenance – just wake up and look fresh.

Ask your barber for a short fringe crop with a high or mid-fade.



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  • Harry Kane Haircut: Swept Back & Long On Top

If you’re looking for a footballer haircut which is basic yet classy, don’t look past England’s captain. 

Harry Kane’s haircut is refined yet laid-back. His barber has simply kept length on top, with shorter sides and back. Although Kane does not have one, you can add a low-fade to add some extra edge to your look.

Ask for a soft scissor cut, keeping the length on top and shorter sides. A low skin fade is optional.



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  • Virgil Van Dijk Haircut: Lowered Man Bun

As if being 6’4 wasn’t enough, Van Dijk sports a seriously cool hairstyle. On the pitch, he dons his signature slick-back, lowered man bun.

On the rare occasion that he has his hair down, his curly mane is just below chin length. To wear your hair like Van Dijk, your locks should be a similar length or longer. We also recommend Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance Firm Hold Gel to slick your hair back into the bun.

In terms of the trim, he also has a slight undercut fade, trailing along his neckline for some added flair. 

Ask your barber to keep the length across your whole head, adding a very low undercut fade at the nape of the neck.



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  • Jesse Lingard Haircut: Undercut Fade

Jesse Lingard’s haircut is an excellent option for those with textured hair, as the undercut brings focus to your curls and coils, whilst the fade brings the style together.

In terms of the top of the hair, Jesse keeps it long with a rounded finish. His hairline has also been shaped up, which makes for a tidy, fashionable finish.

Ask your barber for an undercut fade and shape up to get Lingard’s trim.



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  • Mario Balotelli Haircut: Mohican

Balotelli certainly puts the striking in striker with his unique cuts. One cut in particular, which is making a big comeback, is the infamous mohican.

The Italian player has completely shaved sides, leaving a long strip from the hairline to the nape of the neck. Instead of the typical spikes that are often created with mohawks, Balotelli has kept his natural hair.

Ask for a mohican haircut with grade zero sides to achieve a similar look.




  • Jordan Henderson Haircut: Side-Swept Quiff

Unlike Mason Mount’s textured quiff, Henderson opts for the side swept look to keep things more easy-going.

The hair sweeps up and back to create that classic quiff look, which can be achieved using hair products to keep things in place. Henderson chooses a matte-finish for his styling for the most natural finish. To get his results, we recommend Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay.

Ask for a short quiff with a mid-fade to get Henderson’s trim.



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  • Declan Rice Haircut: Over-Comb

West Ham’s best footballer haircut has to go to Declan Rice, with his immaculately groomed over-comb haircut and seamless fade.

The trim features a hard side part, with the rest of the hair brushed to the side and slicked down. This is an excellent way to cover any bald spots on your head, but is ultimately a seriously smart cut for those who prefer to keep things neat, tidy and professional.

Ask your barber for a side parted comb over with a high or mid-fade.



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  • Kylian Mbappe Haircut: Buzz Cut

Finally, this French player is full of style with his dapper buzz cut. Buzz cuts can be the same length all over, however Mbappe takes a modern twist with a mid skin fade.

Buzz cuts look good on all face shapes, but particularly accentuate those with square jaws.

Ask your barber for a buzz cut and mid skin fade to achieve Mbappe’s look.



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Summary: Best footballer haircuts


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